Buddy heater could be plumbed (or hard-wired, as it were) into an RV’s existing propane supply. Olympian Catalytic Heater, Wave 3: When I lived in a box van in Alaska for 6 years I used Olympian heaters as my only source of heat and I must tell you I consider them to be superior in nearly every way to the Mr. Heater Buddy heaters. If I use a wave-3 or a wave-6 how much room do I need to leave around them? The heaters are also offered as the Wave-6 (which heat up to 3200-6000 BTU) and Wave-3 (1600-3000 BTU). Mr Heater vs Olympian Wave. I’m making Videos with my good friends James and Kyndal on their YouTube Channel. If you can’t afford that, get the 6 or 8 alone. At one time my life was ruled by the time-clock but fortunately those days are gone forever!! The Buddy heater puts out a lot of moisture and the windows are dripping wet in the morning. ), I know most of your readers probably have vans and cars (or maybe a Class C), but I enjoy the information I get from your posts as well and would welcome any insight you can offer. 100 percent safety shut-off valve prevents non-ignition fuel discharge. The thermal mass of the van and its contents will continue to radiate heat over night so if you run the heater before bedtime and adequately insulate the van, it should be surprisingly warm the next morning. In my next post on heaters, we’ll talk about how to convert them to work off refillable propane bottles so you can save a lot of money on heat. How cold does it get at night where you camp for the winter? With the lower output of this smallest heater, you can turn it on and leave it on with less time spent fussing with it. Works a treat with the 20lb bottle. Anyone considering any ventless heater just needs to consider that it may not work for them. But I do want to be as safe as possible. Bob. I have a Chalet LTW trailer (folding A-frame trailer). Bob, I found a link to the BlackCat that I had on the Coleman site–but it has no “add to cart” link. I’d guess they just couldn’t compete with the Buddy or Olympian heaters. On the other hand, I feel the Little Buddy is much safer, and you know what? darn, I didn’t buy the smallest one because I could not figure out how to ‘safely’ convert it for use with a bulk bottle. They’re cheap to buy and cheap and easy to run. On low (4000 btu) I’ve found it quickly warms up a van to being very warm and will soon need to be turned off. To start. You don’t need to run them overnight and they can be converted to run off bulk bottles easily. Find the right parts for your Wave. Keep the good info coming it is a big help. Two Wave-3s and one Wave 6. For example, the Portable Buddy needs at least 30″ of vertical clearance, 24″ of front clearance, 6″ on the sides and none at the back. Your email address will not be published. Ming if the shell is metal, then I wouldn’t worry so much about clearances to it because the metal isn’t combustible. I have good success controlling moisture by having cross ventilation (open vent at one end and cracked open window at other end) and by turning on exhaust fans when cooking and showering. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_W_E5SFCxwpSOaqMjOOBTg. If you are in an RV then I recommend the Mr. Heater Big Buddy Portable Heater (4000-9000-18000 btu). But if you join my forum and post this question there I’m sure you will get all the help you need. The Buddy heater puts out a lot of moisture and the windows are dripping wet in the morning. This is just part of using a non-vented gas heater. I boondock virtually 100% so a major factor for me is electricity consumption. But, if you bought an RV and it already has a furnace, the decision is made for you. The unit is easy to start and looks good in the Camper. It comes from the combustion of the propane which produces carbon dioxide and water. In the winter I am in the desert so I never need it at high elevation so I can’t comment. So maybe to solve this particular element of preparing my vehicle I will have to use a good sleeping bag. Most people find that to be plenty and that the middle size Buddy puts out too much heat for the tiny space of cars and vans. I was thinking the 6 might be good, given the small size of the van. Given that I have used these heaters for hundreds and hundreds of nights, I think I am qualified to do a long term review. To help you prepare, in today’s post I’m doing a comparison of the types of heaters commonly used by vandwellers. If you are a person who runs cold or live in a very cold area, then I’d recommend the Olympian Wave series of heaters. I might get a “Little Buddy” for full timing out of my car/tent, or maybe even a “Portable Buddy” if I go with a larger tank and hose setup. PAPERBACK: How to Live In a Car, Van, or RV: And Get Out of Debt, Travel, and Find True Freedom, Or as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle for only $2.99: After conforming to all environmental concerns first, obviously. The Camco Olympian Wave 6 Catalytic Safety Heater for Mid-Sized RVs # CAM57341 is a good choice for heating up to 230 square feet of space, but it sounds like you're likely going to be better off with the Camco Olympian Wave 8 Catalytic Safety Heater for Large RVs # CAM57351 which can heat up to 290 square feet. They come with a Quick Disconnect so they are easier to hook up and disconnect then move around or even take it outside using the green, one pound bottles. Bob. Started out with the Mr Buddy for comfort heat in the 5th wheel and replaced it with a Wave6 four years ago. Because of its high heat output, I know several people that use these to heat their RVs instead of the furnace that came with them. The bottom line is that most vandwellers are going to be much better off with a non-vented, portable heater because they are much smaller and cheaper to buy and operate and equally easy to install. I hope to never live in a house again! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Baseboarders are the only one-size fits-most perforated steel baseboard heater covers that just slip over your existing baseboard heaters. Page 11 57704 Wave 6 57713 12 ft. 57721 Wave 8 57715 For portable heaters with leg stands Wave 3 57722 Wave 6 57723 Wave 8 57724 OLYMPIAN GUARANTEE ™ Elbow OLYMPIAN™ GUARANTEE: Camco Mfg., Inc. 90° Elbow warrants the original purchaser that Olympian 3/8" SAE male with 3/8" SAE Wave heaters are free of defects in manufacture female connector. This small camper van heater is powerful, pumping out up to 4,000-18,000 BTUs for spaces up to 450 square feet. Thanks to your website and YouTube channel, I’m starting to convert a van to live in, so I can follow my dreams! Wish I had bought the Wave6 in the first place. The Camco Olympian RV Wave-8 LP Gas Catalytic Safety Heater features a self-generating piezo starter lasts for 20,000 starts. Temp is 33* F and my mid size Buddy heater is maintaining 70* on the low setting in my old high top Coachman van and it isn’t insulated all that well. I agree on the Olympian heaters they are nice. Olympian Heater Superstore - Great Prices from PPL - 79-1994 It can be done and you can be comfortable! Despite it having a tip-over sensor, I wasn’t very happy with the small base that came with the heater. Bob. Having a greater variety of heat ranges allows the heater to grow with you. The key thing with portable heaters is to follow the manuals instructions of ventilation and clearances around it exactly! I found a video from Mr. Heater that clued me in. It’s a true catalytic heater so it is safer than the Mr Heater Buddy series and it’s low setting is 1500 btu which is better for a van or car. The Olympian is rated for it and doesn’t give me any problems. Olympian Wave 3 Installation 1996 Ford F250 1991 Lance 480. The Mr. I … I wouldn’t hesitate to leave one on while I was sleeping. Enter Year. What is the wattage of the CO/LP gas Alarm? I just picked up a small Christmas tree stand (a plastic one with three screws that adjust the space where the trunk goes) for about $8. I spotted it before it became dangerous. My thought is this problem is endemic with the Blackcat and that’s why Coleman does not sell them any longer. $109.99 $ 109. If I hadn't sold my Buddy on Ebay I would have thrown it in the lake. But, that can be said for every fuel burning appliance. Use these links and I'll make a small percentage and it will cost you nothing: After my divorce I couldn’t afford to rent an apartment so I moved into a van, but there was no way I was driving away from my young children! I no longer have to worry about a dead battery from the heater running all night and use way less propane. (It is about 12″ at the widest part.) Let’s compare the main types of heaters, vented versus non-vented. Your first question will probably be, “Are they safe to use in my van or tent? It does appear that the Wave is the way to go as far as ventless. I had both a Wave 3 and 8. Its more difficult to find a propane heater that puts out as low BTUS as 1600 yet can still be attached to a 20LB tank. I've read some reviews about the Wave 6 and many say there should be no real issue with moisture, which would be great. Thank you! Will I die from carbon monoxide poisoning?” The simple answer is yes they are all safe if used properly and you will not die from carbon monoxide poisoning. For most people in a van in average cold areas, either the Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Heater (4000-9000 btu) or the Mr. Heater Little Buddy Portable Heater (3800 btu) is the best choice. Olympian Wave Heaters. Buddy Portable Heater series and it has two settings, 4000 and 9000 btu. The fan runs off D batteries or an AC adapter. I used my Little Buddy at Wheeler Peak Campground in Great Basin National Park, elevation 9886 feet. There probably is not any 'change' between the Olympic and Mr Buddy heaters as far as amount of moisture that comes out of the gas while it is warming the RV. The Olympian Heater Wave 3. You are going to appreciate the extra heat and the nicer features like a quick disconnect and built-in fan. Chose on size. Drew, it seems to be sporadic, I hear reports both ways. I can’t figure out where I would put it when 2 people are inside. I’ve learned a lot from you and all your video subjects. That’s a great plan Ben, I 100% approve. Yes, I’ll show you another way to use the smallest Buddy heater. It’s really hard to guess how cold it will be. It’s that time of the year again when the memory of warm summer days are quickly fading from our minds and the thoughts of cold, shivering nights are rushing in to replace them, filling us full of dread! Designed specifically for RVs, the Olympian Wave-6 Catalytic Safety Heater is safe, efficient, and dependable. Thanks for all the quick answers, good to hear from those that own and use a product. Works like a charm as a much larger, deeper, more stable base for the heater. Take a look at this chart and you’ll see the pros and cons of each and you can let your circumstances make the decision for which is right for you. They make a larger Wave 6 and Wave 8 but you only need them in extremely cold areas, which most of us won’t be in. My next choice would have been to try a Wave but in our case I was concerned about spending the money and having it bother our sinus and headache issues. However the built in tank probably has less moisture in it than the portable tanks you have been buying. I may try to build a tent to fit over the back of the truck. 11/15/15 Sat watching the first real snow fall of the season all afternoon. . Bob. Many RVers find that opening a roof vent only ½" allows enough air circulation without heat loss and prevents excess moisture condensation inside the RV. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 5. Al Christensen recently posted…What is a guy without a house doing at Ikea? I camp at 6800 foot all the time and up to over 9000 in Nevada so the Mr heaters will not work. Bob, Bob, in that post perhaps you could address how the biggest Mr. To the far right is a Coleman catalytic heater which is a very nice little heater. For most vandwellers this is the perfect size because the lower heat is more suited to the small size of our vans. From left to right you can see the three sizes of Mr. Heater Buddy heaters. I don’t know if this Escape thing is going to work. Tim, one porblem you might have is with clearances around them, they need quite a bit of room. (The Plat Cat is a vented heater that, should, eliminate most moisture if you are so interested.) (I thought I saw somewhere that the hose connector is a different size or something along those lines. Drew I agree with all your conclusions! My question is this…I couldn’t find a reasonable deal on a cargo van in this area, but found a great deal on a Dodge conversion van. Buy Camco Olympian RV Wave-3 LP Gas Catalytic Safety Heater, Adjustable 1600 to 3000 BTU, Warms 130 Square Feet of Space, Portable and Wall Mountable at Walmart.com Wave 6 Heater installed in cabinet. I have 3 dogs and will plumb the heater into the LP then would like to place it in the bathroom doorway? Mar 5, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Gloria Smith. bottles. Important Safety … This is recommended by the manufacturer. Not even its pilot would stay lit, sputtering and flickering and dying until we finally gave up. Even if hung it up in the air like Bob has his, would be risky because it would be very close to the roof head liner. It would be very close to just about anything wherever it would be sitting. I recommend RENOGY SOLAR COMPLETE KITS from Amazon.